Condition Culture was founded in 2010 to revolutionize the hair products market worldwide by forecasting upcoming trends and technologies in beauty and accessories. 

Founded by twin sisters, the duo opened the company with the launch of Featherlocks™ and took the hair and beauty world by storm. Appearing on A-lister, top fashion magazines, and television shows, globally. Condition Culture continues to sell the original hair feather extensions and has since developed several other innovative products and brands to hair and fashion enthusiasts around the world. 


Featherlocks - feather accessories and hair extensions

Puppylocks® - feather accessories for dogs 
Colorsmash® - temporary hair color chalk
Knotties® - snag-free hair ties and hairbands 
Tassel™ Tattoos - temporary metallic tattoos 
Tassel™ - A luxury hair accessory line


Condition Culture continues to be tuned into the world of fashion and beauty to be inspired to create innovative products that stand for individual expression and forever elevating the #CultureOfBeautiful



Featherlocks is the brainchild of Alex Litowitz, a hairstylist and expert in hair extensions who in early 2010 was inspired to put feathers in her client’s hair. Alex’s twin sister Donya recognized the potential for an international trend and together launched Condition Culture – a company where professionals could find the next salon trends. 

While searching for a location to launch their company in Miami, FL, the twins discovered the building they set up shop in was coincidentally built by their great-grandfather, Donald S. Lavigne. He owned Lavigne Uniforms which sold custom tailored police, war and hotel uniforms. With this knowledge, the sisters knew the location selection was fate and officially settled the Condition Culture’s corporate office and warehouse. Since then, feather hair extensions have exploded into a nationwide phenomenon and Featherlocks became a recognized brand among hair experts. 

The sisters’ perseverance and commitment to quality launched Featherlocks into the spotlight as the premier feather extension product worldwide. Our merchandising team works to ensure that every product packaged, inspected, and shipped meets the Condition culture standard. Due to our continued commitment to brand quality and customer service, Condition Culture continues to be the international leader in feather hair extensions.

In the following few years, Condition Culture has grown into a multi-brand multi-national beauty and accessory company focused on quality and customer service. Their products can be seen in fashion magazines, runways and in stores in over 25 countries.